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3 Dimensional Wall Tiles for Outdoor by Artistic Tile

Outdoor and in, the new Ambra 3 dimensional wall tiles from Artistic Tile is sure to make a big impression. This contemporary wall collection for indoor and outdoor applications is a hand-carved natural stone tile inspired by nature’s elements – air, fire, water and earth. According to Artistic Tile, “Ambra forms the backdrop for a dreamscape where the dreamer can get swept away on ocean waves, drift effortlessly with clouds across the sky, feel the heat of flames dancing in a fire, and experience the magnificent texture and beauty of the earth.” The gently undulating, three-dimensional waves bring a tactile element to every space, offering a whole new way to appreciate your home – through touch! Strategically placed lighting deepens that 3D effect. Create a memorable front entrance, define different areas inside and make your way outdoor with this modern tile. Ambra wall tiles come in Lake Blue (limestone), Moss Green (limestone) and Gris (sandstone), in 12-by-12 and 24-by-24 inch dimensions. For more information visit Artistic Tile.



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