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New Airbath from BainUltra – the Elegancia – the first fully customizable bath

When designing luxurious bathrooms, why search for the perfect spa bath when you can customise the BainUltra airbath Elegancia to fit your every need. A gently curving bath for two, the Elegancia’s cone shaped backrests cradle and caress you. By selecting the perfect spa therapies to be incorporated into your personal spa you can create the relaxing haven of your dreams. Hydro-thermo massage, aromatherapy and chromatherapy offer the modern innovative treatments you crave. Besides luxurious features there is a range of five stylish frames to match any decor; from sleek modern fashion to neoclassical elegance, this fully customizable bath offers a style to complement your home. The grab bars are available in smooth acrylic or textured gleaming metal, even the drains and over flows are available in two designs and in several finishes. Besides fabulous style the Elegancia offers several superb features as standard. With moulded arm rests that amplify the arm and hand massage and a relaxing heated backrest, BainUltra creates the ultimate relaxing Airbath. BainUltra’s Elegancia 7242 starts at $3,145 and features forty air jets to massage and relieve you of worries.


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