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New Tekura ThermoMasseur Bath from BainUltra – two-person bathtub designed for maximum comfort

If you adore luxuriating in the bath you’ll just love the Tekura ThermoMasseur Bath from BainUltra. With the impressive choice of 5 different contours and the ‘MyBodyRest’ accessory set, the Tekura tub sets you up for a fabulous soak. To explain, the ‘MyBodyRest’ set consists of headrests, armrests and a leg rest to complement the shape of the bathtub and ensure you get the maximum benefit, whatever your body type or height. A headrest can be located on either end to provide maximum comfort to two bathers. You can choose from Cabreuva wood (as shown here) or Acrystal – both are easy to maintain and fully interchangeable. You’ll appreciate your relaxing thermo-massage bath all the more with these smart accessories – proving that attention to detail can make all the difference. From BainUltra.
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