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BainUltra Temazkal Shower – A Revolutionary Showering Concept – Thermotherapy, Luminotherapy and Aromatherapy in one

Showering has become a therapeutic experience with the BainUltra Temazkal Shower. This novel concept combines three unique therapy systems with the functions of a traditional shower to create a completely soothing experience ideal for those with an active lifestyle. The BainUltra Temazkal Shower incorporates: Thermotherapy, a dry heat system used to stimulate metabolism and relax and soothe the body; Luminotherapy, where intense light helps to synchronize one’s internal clock and alleviate the effects of various disorders; and Aromatherapy, which diffuses essential oils into the air, aiding with digestion and promoting general well-being. These options, along with the standard shower function, cater to the diverse needs of multiple users. This versatile shower, seen here with slate tiles in place of acrylic walls, also features handsome Cabreuva wood components that are easy to maintain, removable, and resistant to humidity and mold. With its convenient corner installation and nominal dimensions of 42″W x 42″D x 95″ to 96″H, the BainUltra Temazkal Shower will fit nicely into bathrooms of various sizes and configurations. BainUltra


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