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Neo-Metro Tazon and Vizza Vessel Sinks – new countertop vessels

The new countertop vessels by Neo-Metro are fantastic urban and industrial pieces. Made of monolithic simple forms they have a primitive and strong presence. Each has a bold and contemporary style which makes these steel sinks the ideal centre piece for modern luxury bathrooms. The Neo-Metro Tazon takes a steel slab shape and gently scoops out a spherical basin, softening the dramatic sharp lines of the outer form to create a harmonious balance. The Neo-Metro Vizza takes thick heavy sides and creates a wide open basin. Functional and somewhat primitive, the Vizza feels like a natural basin despite the strong steel. It’s deal for outdoor applications where it compliments the natural surroundings. The Vizza can even be insulated making it a perfect ice bucket for outdoor kitchens. Both vessels are made to commercial quality standards. Starting at $762 and available in several finishes, Neo-Metro have designed a bold and contemporary vessel.



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