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Natural Stone Sink and Bathtub from Boxart

Perfect for those wishing to create a feeling of natural tranquility within their bathroom – these Natural Stone Sink and Bathtub from Boxart are a real find. Boxart, an Italian company, was established in 1993, originally working to produce accessories primarily in alabaster. It has extended its product range vastly and now offers the gorgeous bathroom furniture and accessories envisaged by architects and designers in natural stones, ceramics and glass. The natural stone sink and bathtub have an organic, enduring appeal. The grain of the stone is soothing and serene – the natural features can be fully appreciated whilst soaking in the bathtub or performing morning ablutions using the stone sink. For total harmony, the bathroom furniture can be combined with your own decor to reflect your personal taste. Natural Stone matches well with any variety of contemporary interiors and can be made part of your home by contacting Boxart.


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