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Multimedia Furniture from Skloib WohnDesign

Why shouldn’t practical elements, such as this multimedia furniture from Skloib WohnDesign, be works of art? Gorgeous design and function combined with the natural beauty of wood makes this multimedia furniture truly sensational. The media walls from Skloib WohnDesign are a compact solution to containing all your media and entertainment needs in one place. The Lift-Line media wall is made of a high-gloss maple in natural and brown shades, and the flat TV is integral to the design, lifting cleverly from the back of the chic bar. The Grande media wall is another approach – this rotating media wall is fixed to the floor and the ceiling. By turning the Grande by up to 355°, you can reveal an elegant bar, or your TV and your DVD collection. When not in use, it appears to be a stunning installation, featuring colourful, rare ‘Padouk’ wood which cannot fail to delight. Adjustable vision is achieved with the Alu-Light media wall – the flat screen TV slides up and down the panel of walnut wood to the desired height. The design incorporates light, giving the furniture a feeling of spaciousness. Fabulous multimedia furniture from Skloib WohnDesign is adaptable to your lifestyle, incorporating your refined appreciation of quality materials and design.
Adjustable Media Wall by Skloib WohnDesign – Alu Light in walnut
Multimedia Wall by Skloib WohnDesign – Grande with a bar
Multimedia Furniture by Skloib WohnDesign – Lift Line with a TV lift


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