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Multi Function Couch is also Counter and Bed


Designed by Fanny Adam for her final project at Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Decoratifs in France, her concept was to create a multi functional furniture piece for small spaces. Taking into account that this piece would be perfect for students or young families, Fanny chose to create her piece out of cost effective laminate. Specifically “Elegant Oak with Naturelle” by Formica from their woods series. Aside from being cost conscious, Formica is also durable, scratch, heat and water-resistant and requires minimal maintenance. While Fanny chose a natural wood finish laminate, the design can easily be recreated from any of the finishes available. This allows the design to be reinterpreted in any trendy or classic color, pattern or wood grain available through Formica.


When opened as a bed, Fanny’s design has two small bedside compartments that are just big enough to hold a cup of tea or glass of wine. If either spill, it won’t matter, a simple wipe down is all that’s needed.


The counter on the back of the couch is bar height and can be used either as a desk or a bar. Either way, the laminate finish is up to the task. With multi functional furniture the way of the future, this prototype is on point and with the durable Formica finish it is also child and pet friendly.
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