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Moroccan Style Interior Design Ideas

Global style interiors are gaining popularity and this design exhibits great ideas on how to achieve a Moroccan flair in your modern home. Think about a warm space bursting with energy. Good, now let us explore the space. To begin with, typical colors of this style are usually vibrant and inspired by the landscape. Imagine greens and blues inspired by nature and the ocean; silvers and golds suggest the desert sands; reds and oranges remind us of the striking sunsets. As you can see, the featured home reflects this well – only red does not have a significant influence in its color scheme, and that’s okay. Instead the color scheme is a little on the cooler side but it is still exceptionally vibrant, which is why we like it. Keeping with the Moroccan style, this home maintains minimal furnishings, but displays tons of patterns and luxurious, lush fabrics instead. The colorful floor pillows, Moroccan style lanterns, intricate mosaic designs and gorgeous pottery displayed in this home all help to achieve that Moroccan essence. The glorious metal staircase and pristine white floors add a modern vibe to the interior. Overall, this home is exotic and dramatic but elegant all at once, which totally embodies this particular style.
via The Diversion Project.



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