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Modern Rocking Bed by Shiner – Mood

This modern rocking bed has definitely rocked a piece of our inspiration world, and so – we share. Designed by Shiner’s very own Joe Manus, the awesome Mood Rocking Bed can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors. Rock yourself into a blissful sleep or freeze it at whichever incline you fancy best (with the help of the included rubber stoppers) – this bed is designed to adapt to your every mood. The carbon steel frame can be blackened or brushed and the wooden base is available in pine, oak, walnut or calico. Its simple modern design is enriched by an industrial quality from the carbon steel frame and a rustic feel thanks to the wooden base. Actually this feeling is true for a lot of the products at Shiner – mainly because they are upcycling masters. Their main goal is to “ transform tons of landfill-destined materials into killer design”, which we believe they do exceptionally well. Some of our other favorite products include the Friend Chair, the Stacked Plywood Dining Table and the Revolver Chandelier – to name a few. Be sure to check out Shiner to see more of their unique, modern and earth friendly designs. The queen size bed retails for $2995.



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