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Moen Ascent Kitchen Faucet – new kitchen line from ShowHouse

Moen Showhouse Ascent kitchen faucet
Just the right kitchen faucet can add great looks and functionality to the kitchen, and there’s sure to be a faucet to please you from the refined, contemporary Moen Ascent Range. The Ascent Kitchen faucet from ShowHouse is sleek and adds interest to the room. But like all ShowHouse faucets, its emphasis is on functionality. With just one touch you can pause the flow of water, or switch from a steady stream of water to an aerated spray. The faucet also features a handy pull-out spout. The Ascent 90 has all the same fantastic features, but with a slightly different look… the spout ends in a distinctive flattened shape rather than the cup-like tapered end. Finally, the Ascent Bar / Prep faucet is a neat, compact faucet offering co-ordinating looks and also the same steady stream / aerated spray options as the Kitchen faucets. The attractive new kitchen line is from Moen ShowHouse.

Moen Showhouse Ascent 90 faucet
Moen Showhouse Ascent Bar / Prep faucet


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