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Modular Pellet Stove Furniture MIA by Olimpia Splendid


This is the first modular pellet stove that really doubles as furniture. What a unique (and welcome) concept. Heating with a pellet stove, while highly efficient, has been pretty ugly up until now. The attachable pellet bin serves as a stool. And there are as many modular console pieces as you want to add. What do you think of the orange? It’s a great pop of color in a contemporary home or loft. If subdued is more your style, there are color choices for you, too. This is a pellet stove with personality – and fully customizable to your home and needs. Kids need more storage for books? Add more console units. Looking for that minimalist aesthetic? Try it in silver, with no attachments. We’re excited – this has been a largely overlooked feature in the furniture world. Aside from varying colors and modular capability, there are also two different designs: MIA Stile and MIA Vertical. Can you see the difference?


These pellet stoves look fantastic – from the country home to the city loft.


Do you prefer MIA Vertical (above) or MIA Stile (below)?


More info: Olimpia Splendid


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