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Modular Kitchen Table TK1-100 from Property Furniture

property furniture modular kitchen table tk1 100 Modular Kitchen Table TK1 100 from Property Furniture
So often in modular kitchens, lush materials rich with character are abandoned in favour of mass-produced indistinguishable items that provide a uniform finish. The TK1-100 modular kitchen table proves that modular kitchens can still have personality and luxury materials. A monolithic design, the table legs are made of waxed antique fir. With a fabulous large grain and weathered feel, the legs contrast wonderfully with the sleek Carrara marble top. The long modular kitchen table is designed to house a fitted cook-top and sink. With these key points accounted for, the rest of the kitchen is suitable for other free-standing modular units. Designed by Gianna Farina the TK1-100 is also available in waxed dark grey oak and waxed bleached oak. Property Furniture.



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