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Modern Parquet Flooring by Bauwerk

Ushering parquet into a brave new world, Bauwerk Parquet and Zurich designer Virginia Maissen put their heads together and came up with this bold modern wood flooring, boasting the feel of authentic wood and an innovative new look. Available in a rainbow of vibrant colors and trendy patterns, these floors offer an assortment of different looks, ranging from vintage to contemporary. The “Old News” design is splashed with a newsprint pattern, charming for a living room, studio or home library; the “Multi-color” (top image) collection is a mish-mash of punchy red, blue, white, yellow and green pieced together; “Stone” evokes the feeling of this natural material, but with a contemporary edge; and the “White-Red” combination flip-flops from rustic-charm to ultra-modern, depending on the space and how you choose to furnish it. This versatile flooring will make your home an interesting as its owner, reflecting a personal style and unique concept for “parquet.” For more information visit Bauwerk Parquet.

“Old News”


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