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Modern Spiral Stairs from Albini & Fontanot

Spiral stairs have always held an essence of mystery and romance. With their new Genius collection, Albini & Fontanot have created a contemporary modern style for the classic spiral stairs. A light and airy design, the beech treads feature prominently while the solid wood handrail swirls like fine garnish. Solid beech has a rich golden colour, light and warm. The steel supports with their shining smooth surface, contrast fabulously with the wood grain. The Albini & Fontanot stairs mirror the repetition in the treads in the five steel cables that twist around the helical stairs. Besides the modern diaphanous design, Spiral stair can be fantastically practical. Ideal for converted buildings or restricted spaces, spiral stairs take up half the space of traditional flights. This frees up more room for living in, while also adding sparkle and mystery. Albini & Fontanot have created a wonderful addition for modern home design.



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