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Modern Neon Lamps by Roger Borg

Roger Borg presents a new concept in lighting with these Modern Neon Lamps. The basic idea is that instead of hiding the lighting source, the lamp itself becomes the light source. This being said, the only thing Roger Borg had to concentrate upon was the design. And he did a wonderful work creating a number of special free-standing neon lamps. The Six Column Merge Design and the Oval Crush both have a clear, white light. Seeming to be in a continuous movement, these two could easy dynamise any interior space. The Bulge Lamp, as the name suggests it, has an impressive appearance with its middle part looking slightly heavier than the two ends. No room could possibly be complete without a splash of color, would it? Here’s why the Color Stack neon lamp was designed. Assembled of superposed colored neon components, it makes an excellent visual impact. Any of these Modern Neon Lamps by Roger Borg can be a unique feature in your modern space.



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