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Modern Modular Aluminum Bookcase from Fitting – Pyramid


When considering modular furniture, don’t bookcases make the most sense? Just keep adding to them as you add books! The Pyramid modular aluminum bookcase line from Fitting, you have many sizes to choose from and because it’s lightweight aluminum, it’s easy to experiment. Their exclusive, patented linking system allows for a multitude of configurations. And you change the color of your sofa (for example), just change the color of the back panels! Fitting brand was Italy’s first modular furniture maker, established in 1960 by the designer Ampelio Piarotto. The Pyramid bookcase is uitable for the home or the office, or the home-office. And wouldn’t this look fantastic in a library or retail setting? And come to think of it, just because it’s sold as a bookcase doesn’t mean you have to put books in it. Imagine art glass pieces on the shelves!


Fitting’s Pyramid line comes in many sizes.

Use it at home, at the office or in the home office!

More information: Fitting


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