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Modern Bathroom Renovations You Should Consider

Many homeowners know that the bathroom is not only one of the most, if not the most used room of a house, but it is also a major selling point. Therefore, it only makes sense to keep up with bathroom renovations as often as you possibly can. However, one of the main cons when it comes to bathroom renovations is the price point. Bathroom renovations are expensive, especially if you want to modernize your bathroom space.

With that being said, although bathroom renovations are expensive when they’re done properly, you are 100 percent guaranteed to get your money back. This is essentially true if you are seeking to sell your home in the long run. If you find yourself wondering what bathroom renovations would work best in your bathroom space, consider the following modern bathroom renovation ideas.

Consult a Professional


Bathroom renovation Consult a Professional 900x675 Modern Bathroom Renovations You Should Consider
A professional contractor will be able to bring your bathroom renovation dreams to life

Although, this is not exactly a bathroom renovation idea it is essentially the best tip, trick, and idea we could possibly share with you. Consulting a professional contractor will not only guide you in the right direction, but it will also save you an abundant amount, of headaches along the way. A professional will be able to help you decide which renovation would work best for you and your budget.

Modernize Your Bathtub

Modernize Your Bathtub 900x609 Modern Bathroom Renovations You Should Consider
Just because the modern bathtub may seem smaller it is actually deeper and can be combined with a shower if you would like the ability of having both options

One of the best modern bathroom renovations you can possibly make is to modernize your bathtub. Your bathtub is one of the most used items, but yet it remains one of the least updated. The quickest way to upgrade and modernize your bathroom is by changing your bathtub.

Instead of your standard tub upgrade it by purchasing a simple sleek porcelain tub. Placing it in a corner or in the center of the bathroom will give you the feeling of being at a resort while still being in your bathroom.

Add Wallpaper

If you have a simple concept going for your bathroom space a textured wallpaper can give it the pop it needs

Long gone are the days when wallpaper was considered outdated and that it should only be used in the kitchen. Wallpaper is very much on trend even for your bathroom walls. Add wallpaper in a modern print and/or pattern for a modern upgrade without having to spend too much money.

Consider Adding a Second Sink

Two vanities with twos sinks means more storage space for all your necessities that may not fit anywhere else in the bathroom

If you take a close look at any modern home, you will realize that most modernized homes have double sinks. Having double sinks is not only useful as more than one person can utilize this space of the bathroom, but it is also very appealing to the eyes which is always a plus to have in the home.

Upgrade Your Lighting

Light fixtures come in all different shape and sizes the idea is to find a fixture that works best for you and your bathroom space

Bathroom lighting has always been notorious for being one of the worst lighting in any home. A renovation that will be very much appreciated by everyone in your home is to upgrade your lighting. Consider adding more lighting fixtures to the bathroom. The more light enters a bathroom the larger it will appear. Therefore, giving you the open space feel you seek.

All White

Add natural elements to bring subtle color to an all white bathroom

There is something very modern and clean about having an all-white area in a home and that includes your bathroom. Having an all-white bathroom may be the renovation you may need to give the bathroom space a brand-new feel.

Upgrade Your Mirrors

Add lights around your mirror for an even brighter bathroom without tampering with any other light fixtures in the room

Bathroom mirrors are another less worried about an item in a bathroom. However, they are essential. Having one or more good mirrors in your bathroom can make can make a huge difference in the way the bathroom is perceived. With that being said considering having mirrors that help the bathroom appear modern while providing a larger illusion.

Add Technology

Chromatherapy has been known for helping many people relax while they are in a comfortable state such as taking a shower

Nothing screams modern like adding technology. Although, adding technology in a bathroom setting where there is constant water running can be a bit tricky when it is done properly it will make a huge difference.

Consider adding chromatherapy to your shower. We have all heard of aromatherapy well it is the same concept but with color. Chromatherapy uses different colors while you shower in hopes of charging your mood and recharging your battery all at once.


Marble can go anywhere in a bathroom which is the best part about it. The versatility makes it one of a kind

Marble is an excellent option for bathroom renovations. It is classy yet beautiful and eye catching. The best aspect, marble has is how versatile it can be. Marble can be used as wallpaper for your bathroom or as an option for your countertops. However, if you are seeking to have marble accents in your bathroom space it should be the focal point.

Update Your Faucets

Update your faucet for a sleek look you will to look at and enjoy

Updating the look of your faucets is the best renovation you can possibly do for your bathroom. Over the years your faucet will withstand many uses and mishaps. In order to prevent any plumbing problems down the line replace them for newer more updated versions.

Bathroom renovations can seem scary and expensive. However, when done properly, you can change the entire appearance of your bathroom in just a few steps. Let us know which renovation your bathroom is in dire need of.



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