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Waterfall Bathroom Faucet from Rubinetterie Cristina – Modul

cristinamodulfaucet Waterfall Bathroom Faucet from Rubinetterie Cristina   Modul
Let this modern bathroom faucet inspire and refresh you: the Modul waterfall bathroom faucet from Rubinetterie Cristina. Its geometric look is perfect for minimalist bathrooms – the angularity of the design is an instant focal point. Water cascades from the generously proportioned, slim rectangular spout, letting you concentrate simply on the sensation of having your own personal mini-waterfall. Wall-mounted or free-standing, the Modul waterfall faucet also offers a playful joystick operation that allows you full control over the intensity and temperature of the flow from the tap. The fabulously designed tap is highlighted in the extensive range of finishes available. A truly unusual selection is offered… you can choose from classic chrome, black, a lovely pinkish tone and stainless steel. Not only that, you may choose a different finish for the spout and the body of the faucet to create a highly individual look. An essential for your bathroom with contemporary artistic credentials… select this modern faucet from Rubinetterie Cristina.
cristinamodulfaucet1 Waterfall Bathroom Faucet from Rubinetterie Cristina   Modul



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