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Mixing Decorating Styles … leads to incredible interiors

This Georgian style home, which incorporates modern pieces that contrast the interior architecture, shows how mixing decorating styles can lead to incredible interiors. Ilse Crawford is the designer behind this home. Tall ceilings, grand rooms, huge windows, parquet floors, crown molding … the fundamentals of this home are beautiful and classic. The decor and furniture pieces play on this theme but in a modern way. Glossy and sleek finishes on classical shapes like the dining table, the bed, and some oversized floor lamps really freshens up the interior and gives it an up to date feel. The red chaise lounge and the dining chairs are playful and modern. The chandelier plays a big role in the lighting scheme – usually a traditional choice some of them are modernized. How about that marble block in the kitchen? This room was originally the ballroom and was turned into a kitchen. Trying not to change the room in any structural way, they decided on a huge marble block for counter space, which defines the space and adds big impact. There is not too much furniture in this house, but every piece is perfectly chosen and the home is very contemporary while remaining true to its history. Learn more about this amazing example of mixing period and modern decorating styles at The New York Times Style Magazine.
Photos by Magnus Marding



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