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Minimalist white kitchen with breakfast nook: Slim by Elmar

What’s on the menu in the modern kitchen? Italian company Elmar is dishing out a heaping serving of style in the Slim kitchen. This elegant kitchen is minimalist by all accounts – clean cabinetry and countertops, all finished in matte white with few details that infuses order into this traditionally chaotic space. This kitchen is perfect for small spaces like condos and lofts, thanks to its slimmer dimensions alternating standard depth (64/67 cm) and small (5053cm). But behind these simple cabinet doors is tons of storage space, putting all your culinary essentials out of the way yet easily at hand. The island makes a great food prep place, and an extendable countertop slides out to reveal additional prep space and an eating area for quick meals on the go. But if you have time to sit and stay a while, we love the high wood breakfast nook built in and overlapping the countertop, becoming part of the kitchen yet standing apart in a striking way. This cool, contemporary style kitchen is de-lish! Click Elmar for more info.



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