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Minimalist Home Wows with Bold Flooring and Staircase Sculpture

Tasked with converting two separate apartments into one family home, Portuguese architecture firm Correia/Ragazzi Arquitectos reorganized and redefined living spaces to make them work, functionally and aesthetically speaking. The architects created a social floor, housing public spaces including the kitchen, living room, laundry, terrace, guest suite and guest bath. Meanwhile, the private spaces are tucked away upstairs – a trio of suites for the parents and kids. To maintain a connection between the two floors, a double-height hallway houses a striking, sculptural staircase which acts as the main focal point of the home and its physical connector. The smooth, fluid form of the stairs defines this home as a modern one, complemented by funky features like the bold patterned floor, the minimal furnishings and the black-and-while backdrop.

The curious floor continues through the hallway, living/dining area and kitchen, featuring a mosaic that introduces texture and three-dimensionality to the space.
The social spaces are open and unrestricted, leaving its residents to move between hallway to living room to dining room to terrace without skipping a beat.
The terrace is just on the other side of the living room window, stretching from wall to wall and allowing the outdoors in by simply pulling the shade. Voila!
The living room features a cool corner fireplace, but not in the sense you’d expect The marble slabs take an inverted position, angling inward with the firebox tucked into the 90-degree nook.
Contrasting the white walls and fireplace, a bank of black built-in cabinets leads you into the main hall.
The kitchen is the epitome of order, concealing the usual chaos behind minimalist clean-faced cabinets.
In the main hall, the meandering staircase is as intriguing from below as it is from above.
At the top of the stairs, a series of openings in the walls let light stream down to the main floor.
Integrated lighting at the upper landing lures you up with its eerie glow.
Upstairs, partial walls maintain a connection with the lower level.

A bedrooms boast the same built-in black and white cabinetry, providing a simple aesthetic and plenty of storage space.

An elongated bedside table doubles the storage for bedtime reading and doubles as a desk.
Another bedroom features a more sophisticated black storage system, this one open for display.
In contrast to the lower level, the upper floor was designed for privacy.
A minimalist bathroom features simple, contemporary shower fixtures and a translucent rear wall which lets light permeate the space without compromising privacy.
A freestanding egg-shaped bath is the main focus of the eye and the body.
Correia/Ragazzi Arquitectos
Photo credit: Luis Ferreira Alves


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