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Minimalist Home uses Pine Ply as Feature Design Element


Previously designed and built by Paul de Ruiter, Villa Bloemendaal is located on a site near Bloemendaal, The Netherlands. It is a sustainable 489sqm residence that follows a minimalist aesthetic. Recently the home underwent an extensive renovation by i29 interior architects that opened it up into a free flowing design with large areas of window glazings to expose the landscape as much as possible. i29 interior architects preferred to work with the original concept of the home rather then against it and the final result is a harmonious blending of the original and the updated. The architects did such an awesome job working with the original design that there is no visual separation between the old and the new.


The social zone of the home is a single volume space that opens up to a large skylight above the stairwell and the architects took advantage of this extra height to feature 3 different sized light globes that create a stunning geometric effect against the backdrop of the pine ply wall running the length of the hall behind them. Using the Pine Ply as a colour block, the architects chose carefully where to feature the natural wood element and the choice of featuring it on the far hall wall as well as on the fireplace surround keep an energy flowing through the space that would otherwise not be there.


Breaking up the wall of wood within the fireplace island with the glass and iron of the fireplace creates a strong graphic element within the room that is in direct contrast with the delicacy of the landscape, yet these contrasting visuals are the perfect pairing.


The other side of the fireplace is where the dining room is located, Another moment of Pine Ply is used within the built in dry bar against the far wall, but it is only exposed when its doors are slid open.


Rounding up the 3 zones overlooking the landscape on the upper level of the home is the Master Bedroom. Located next to the living room, the room is designed to have the bed facing the wall of glazings. Here, too, Pine Ply is a feature element used within the shelving voids.


The Master Bedroom is accessed on the opposite side of the stairwell via the hallway at the back of the home.


The wall of Pine Ply that runs the length of the hall hides a few doors within its expanse.


The stairwell acts as the division between the social and private zones within the homes 2nd storey and to further enhance the separation, the architects created a division of glass between the living area and the staircase.


The stairs lead down to the main level of the house, which is partially above grade and partially below grade. The architects took advantage of the sloping landscape to create an angular window that follows the lay of the land.


The kitchen of the home is on the lower level and it opens directly out to the landscape.


The lower level also has a hall, but here the hall next to the windows. Flat panel Pine Ply doors on sliders close off the kitchen and landing from the rest of the lower level.


A second bedroom with its own outside access features a custom Pine Ply bunk bed with work space below and closets beside.


i29 interior architects
Photography by i29 interior architects


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