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Minimalist Bathroom Inspirations from Rexa Design


Italian Rexa Design’s bathroom collections are minimalist but sophisticated, edgy but comfortable; they have got everything to please the eye and the senses. The elements, made mainly in Corian and Korakril, include washbasins, bathtubs, shower trays and matching accessories. These highly technological materials are counterbalanced by round organic shapes and by the use of massive wood for the wide accessory collection. Fonte Collection by designer Monica Graffeo is a melting pot of modern lifestyle meets oriental culture and sensibility. Inspired by the Japanese philosophy, this collection’s aim is to transform trivial daily actions into eternal rituals. Totem washbasins in Corian and freestanding bathtubs in Korakril are paired with multifunctional accessories such as a series of stools and benches in solid elm wood, or the laundry bin with its wooden branch-shaped towel rack. Hole Collection by designer Susanna Mandelli takes its inspiration from the ancient well, eternal guardian and provider of water. The well concept is reinterpreted in a contemporary way, taking the shape of cylindrical washbasins- over the counter, wall hung or freestanding. In order to recall the depth of the well, the inside of the washbasins is black. The elliptical 170 x 70 freestanding bathtub is made for smaller bathrooms or why not, for a twin usage. As suggested in the name of Ergo_nomic collection, the designer Giulio Gianturco wants to create a relaxing space, where everything is at one’s fingertips. Technological steel and Corian commands and mixers are integrated to washbasins, bathtubs and showers, so that no effort is required in reaching and using them. A specific feature of this collection is the bathtub, which can be used as freestanding, semi-recessed or fully-recessed. Warp by designer Carlo Dal Bianco is a brilliant contemporary interpretation of the lush Renaissance style. The measure is given by the big Corian tiles, which dress up the wall like a real boiserie. The specific feature of this collection is the diamond cut of the edges of both tiles and other elements. However roughly cut on the outside, the bathtubs and basins are rounded and soft on the inside.





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