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Metal Mesh by Whiting & Davis – the luxury material for your home decor

When trying to create a one-of-a-kind luxury design, when you need the type of material to make a splash, the metal mesh from Whiting & Davis is the one. “Shimmering, fluid, and dramatic, mesh creates a simple, yet lustrous pattern of texture unlike any other material.” Some prefer the sleek, high-design style of the European jet set, while others find minimal, urban industrialist looks to be the most pleasing. Both camps will find myriad uses for these metal mesh products produced by Whiting & Davis. Bringing the lost art of chain mail to the twenty first century, in a range of styles and colors, Whiting & Davis are producing true luxury metal fabrics which ripple and flow like the finest silk, yet are constructed completely of small, interlocking aluminum, brass, or stainless steel links. Stock finishes range from the brightest polished silver to deep, rich bronze. Custom finishes are limited, like the use of these fine metal mesh products, only by your imagination. Whiting & Davis


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