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MDF Italia Aluminium Bed – the new bed 07

mdf italia aluminium bed 07 MDF Italia Aluminium Bed   the new bed 07
Complimenting sharp minimalist design with distinctive fabric patterns, the new MDF Italia Aluminium Bed 07 combines traditional decoration with modern simplicity. The Aluminium Bed 07 features a geometric frame of sharp open rectangles. Framed within this strong metal is a single large upholstered panel. Creating a fabulous decorative element, the MDF Italia Bed 07 can make a dramatic statement in any bedroom design. By offering a selection of removable upholstery covers, this bed achieves a flexibility and displays an individual character. The bed frame is available in natural anodised aluminium, polished aluminium, or in a glossy lacquer finish in white, black, red, grey, or orange. Designed by Bruno Fattorini, the Aluminium Bed 07 offers a personal touch yet minimalist style. Available in seven different widths from MDF Italia.



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