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Max Blank Berlin fireplace (rotating) – wood-burning high-tech temptation

We’ve written before about the Max Blank remotely controlled Niagara fireplace with built-in waterfall … and here’s another luxurious product from Max – the Berlin ‘high-tech’ wood-burning flue stove. Just like Niagara, the elegant Berlin is a very special fireplace that serves many purposes – “designer furniture, heating device, provider of romance, as a partition”. Plus, it rotates 360°. The glass floor plate can be ordered clear or frosted. Shown is a free-standing Berlin with a smoke flue connection above oven, in Brilliant Silver finish. A non-rotating version, with a flue connection behind oven, can be installed by the wall. Max Blank. Price is $9000 (7370 € (EUR))

Berlin rotates 360 degree
Cool fireplace accessories are also available from Max Blank


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