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Max Blank Niagara Fireplace – Fire and Water in peace

Here’s an innovative concept – a fireplace in combination with waterfall. The waterfall is controlled by a remote – start or stop water running down the upper part of the stainless steel enclosure without getting up from your chair. The Max Blank Niagara Fireplace is a wood-burning flue stove with a built-in remotely controlled water-pump that creates a waterfall effect.
“… Ignite your Niagara, plump yourself down on the sofa, and push the button on the remote control to start the stainless steel waterfall above the stove running – now just let your mind and body relax, gently soothed by the sound of the water and the gentle crackling of the log fire.” Max Blank

For a final touch, you could even add one of Max Blank’s tested natural aroma oils, like rosemary or mint to the running water.
“The Max Blank Niagara should perhaps be available on doctor’s prescription – because the combination of sun (the radiant stove fire), gentle warm air and gurgling water can work wonders on body and soul.” Here’s more interesting details about Niagara:
– always-cool door handle,
– you can use it as a heater,
– materials used are: stainless steel, thermally treated and highly scratch-resistant safety glass and natural stone,
– creates very little ash,
– flue exit is on the rear wall.


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