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Cool Wood Stoves – wood burning cast iron stoves by Invicta

Heat up your home – literally and figuratively – with this these cool wood stoves by Invicta. These wood burning cast iron stoves offer the wonderful ambiance of a traditional wood stove, only with a totally new, contemporary look. The Ch’ti poele stove features a square shape accented by cool angles and comes in a range of hot colors like white, natural iron and an awesome fire-engine red that’ll stop you dead in your tracks. The front door boasts a glass panel that lets you see the flickering flame while providing shelter from sparks and embers. Muy caliente! Similar in style but with some slight design differences, the Luna stove is another square design that invites you to gather ‘round when a chill sets in. The OXO stove is more modern in its look, featuring a rounded oval firebox finished in a contemporary gunmetal tone. The angled legs and front glass door remotely resemble an alien space ship, for a totally out-of-this-world design! Check out these cool wood stoves, at Invicta.



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