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Cast Iron Wood Stove from Invicta France – the new Itaya and Gaya wood stoves

We’d like to introduce the new gorgeous Cast Iron Wood Stoves from Invicta France: the Itaya and Gaya stoves.
An ideal way to create an elemental focus and bring a serene warmth to living areas, the new wood stove from Invicta France captures raw fire in a contemporary style. Forged from cast iron, the new Itaya and Gaya wood stoves have deceptively soft forms. The Itaya stove features a corrugated surface that curves to create three solid legs, lifting the fire into sight. The Gaya stove in contrast features a sculpted frame of sweeping shapes that embellishes the free flickering flames. Two distinctive designs each with its own character and essence, Invicta capture a range of modern design trends. Dramatic installations that offer a panoramic vision of passionate burning flames, the Invicta France Cast Iron Wood Stoves create a soothing serene alternative to watching television.
Itaya stove
Gaya stove


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