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Modern Wood Stoves from Invicta France – new Gaya and Oracle

It’s the time of year when many people start to think about adding a great new modern wood stove to their home. These wood stoves from Invicta France, the Gaya and Oracle, are outstanding choices in more way than one. First, a free-standing, wood burning stove adds a real warm welcome to your home. Second, these nature-inspired designs add a sense of harmony and balance, and are sure to become a centre of attention. ‘Gaya breaks into leaf’ stove puts one in mind of a crisp fallen leaf. It stretches out, with some veins still harbouring the blade, while other parts have begun to flake away. ‘Oracle’ is named after a wise, spiritual authority – and it’s easy to imagine sitting around the glowing fire discussing important matters with loved ones. Times like those will never be forgotten – get together and get cosy around a wood stove from Invicta France.


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