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Porcelain Sink Collection with ‘Magma’ effect from Mastertecno

Mastertecno Volume sink blue
Set yourself free from plain white bathroom furniture with the magnificent Mastertecno Porcelain Sink Collection. These brightly hued sinks and toilets are iconic objects which are instinctive focal points for your bathroom. Through its use of strong colors and smooth, sweeping shapes, the Mastertecno porcelain sink range shows how elements can be constantly re-experienced afresh. Plain colors show off the stunning forms of the bathroom furniture, plus the “Magma” decor is also available to add a extraordinary feature to sinks. The “Magma” process involves appliques on the ceramic surface, which results in a finish suggestive of an erupting volcano. This decorative technique comes with a gold star effect on an orange background, or a ‘mercury-on-ink’ crackle effect. The unique porcelain items from Mastertecno are sure to become modern classics.
Mastertecno Volume sink orange
Mastertecno matching toilet and bidet


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