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The Beauty of A Masculine Bedroom Decor

While most home décor is traditionally done by women, men are taking interest in creating their own personal oasis as well. Let’s face it, men typically take little interest in the way their home looks as they prefer function over style. But what if there was a line in-between? A space that feels functional yet oozes style and charm? That is where this guide comes in. We have researched the very best ideas and put together a guide that brings you sexy masculine bedroom ideas, to inspire the men in your everyday life.

Always Functional

For a functional twist purchase high-quality furniture pieces, to ensure they endure the test of time while making the room feel as focused as possible.

As previously mentioned, men are all about functionality in their space. They want to be able to have what they need, exactly when they need it without having to seek for it. To bring function to a room without sacrificing style you want to go minimal. For a minimal look that is functional and stylish, you want to have only the furniture that you truly need while giving the room breathing space. Bring on a fresh take by leaving enough space between every furniture piece.

Neutral Elegance

Add a wood-paneled accent area behind your bed to bring that neutral elegance that oozes throughout the room. 

We are true believers in neutral décor in a masculine bedroom. Neutrals are great as they work with an array of colors and patterns. However, for this idea, you want to keep your palette sleek, elegant and with neutral touches. The key is working with a clever blend of needed materials and enchanting lighting. Imagine a room that is well-lit yet has an even sleeker palette display.

Focus on the Bed

Frame the bed by adding a large bed frame or displaying images around the bed that brings a stark spotlight directly to it.

One of the main key elements in any bedroom is the bed. Due to the bed being the main focus you want to consider expanding its size. The bigger your bed is the better. Furthermore, you want your bed to be displayed directly in the center of the room. Having its centered is an excellent form of bringing that clear focus right where you need it most.

Dark Hues

Painting the walls a darker hue makes the room feel richer and more elegant while still being charming.

Could we truly speak on masculine rooms and not talk about dark hues?! Dark hues are essential to a man’s room, they add a sense of mystery that is always oh so sexy and charming. Furthermore, they make any room feel that much richer! Paint your walls a dark shade of gray, navy or go full-on black to truly showcase your mysterious side. Pair with softer hues to generate a contrasting aesthetic.

Robust with Lighting

While you want the room to feel robust, having daring lighting adds to the robust element of the room.

Who doesn’t love a cozy room? Cozy is always a great idea, particularly in the bedroom as you truly want to be able to walk in and embrace the relaxing aura. The idea is to bring a robust, almost undone presence and team it up with light fixtures. Lighting is important, even if you take a more relaxing approach towards your décor. Combine alluring window lighting with architectural lines for a masculine approach that has a sense of warmth that is produced by the lighting used in the room.

Focus on the View

If you don’t want to have the darkness from framing of the windows. Consider glass doors instead.

If you’re lucky enough to have a view in your bedroom, you want to take full advantage of it. When having a view, you want to place your décor to surround said view. Contemplate framing your windows with dark metal or wood for an alluring take that brings the outdoors directly in. Furthermore, consider having an abundance of wood in the room, for a cozy aesthetic that is still quite focused on bringing the outdoors in.


If you have the space, consider having your modern fireplace displayed on an entire wall. The bold wall will make a statement while still blending exceptionally well in the room.

Whether you have a small bedroom or a large one, adding a fireplace is always a great idea. Adding a contemporary fireplace is the way to go. You don’t necessarily want to have a traditional fireplace as it tends to take away from your décor. Instead, have a modern one for that hint of warmth right where you need it. Have your fireplace near the side of your bed for a modern look that focuses on how modern the fireplace is.

Hues of Blue

The darker the hues of blue you use the better! You want to go as dark as possible in order to bring additional depth.

If you ever want to add color to a masculine bedroom using hues of blue and pairing them with wooden furniture. This color palette makes an attractive display for any man’s bedroom. Style the space with different hues of blue for a unique twist that remains in the same color palette. Use darker wooden floors to embrace the room’s overall aesthetic.

Shades of Gray

Blend multiple shades of gray for the biggest outcome in the room.

Another hue that works well in a masculine room is gray. Gray is not only a notorious neutral, but it’s one of those shades that are fairly easy to work with and add additional color too. If you want to bring a pop of color to a gray room, consider yellow or even red. Two shades that work well together and even apart.

Sleek & Sophisticated

Bring in a unique accent table, and a rug to bring it all together with just the right amount of charm.

Could we do a guide without having one idea that’s just oh so charming? Possibly! But would we? Absolutely not! Bring a sleek and sophisticated vibe to your bedroom by having a contrasting display that adds an extra dose of sleekness. Add fun bits to the room such as a rug or a relaxing lounge chair in addition to your décor for a cool vibe that is still as chic as ever. For the contrasting bit use shades of black and white for the perfect look.

Is the man in your life in need of a bedroom makeover? If so, share with him this article and let his imagination run wild.


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