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Marble Tops Art Deco Vanities by Edone (Agoragroup)

Reflecting the contemporary trend of ‘fusion’ within popular culture, Edone (Agoragroup) releases the new Dedalo, Icarus and Sappho vanities. Each with its own flair, these modern vanities are a reaction to the current worldly outlook of the fashionable consumer. With tops in precious marble and signature feet in gold or silver leaf, the vanity collection is a high-end range. The Dedalo has a substantial presence reminiscent of an art deco piece. Characterised by heavy curves it boasts a chic finish in combinations of black, gold, white, silver and scarlet. Icarus is a vanity with poise – a linear and luxurious piece of furniture. Sappho is a lower, longer vanity with a minimalist feel, shown here in a gorgeous dark finish. All available now from Edone (Agoragroup) – these vanities are Italian style inspired by the world.



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