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Marble Bowl Sink with Soap Holder by Kreoo

marble bowl sink soap holder kreoo 1 thumb 630x643 31037 Marble Bowl Sink with Soap Holder by Kreoo

I am a huge fan of vessel sinks but I have often wondered if there was an answer to easy soap access. Well, now there is. Kreoo has just come out with “Cashmere”, a marble sink with an integrated platform perfect for holding a bar or bottle of soap. The extended platform curves gracefully away from the vessel creating the perfect void for a counter mounted faucet to rise up through.

marble bowl sink soap holder kreoo 2 thumb 630x385 31039 Marble Bowl Sink with Soap Holder by Kreoo

Kreoo (launched in 2010) is a new arm of parent company Decormermi and Enzo Berti designed the Cashmere collection for them. Enzo is a product designer whose fine arts background is apparent in the sculptural Cashmere composition. Exquisite design of course is not enough to create an outstanding product, the craftsmanship must also be there and it is. The Cashmere Collection is produced by Vicenza, Italy, stone craftsmen using traditional methods past down to them through the generations.


While Cashmere is currently only available in Calcutta, plans are in the works to also produce it in Estremoz White, Marquina Black and St Marie Grey. I personally love the Calcutta and its beautiful graining. The vessels remind me of fish curving through ocean tides and the marble markings reinforce that image of rippling waters. Stunning.
Cashmere by Kreoo



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