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Luxury European Furniture from Tresserra Collection – Luxury Martini Bar (Martinez Bar)

Having a Luxury Martini Bar from Tressera Collection in your home will make entertaining a pleasure. The Luxury Martini Bar works for your convenience and all that you need to make the perfect drink is right at your fingertips. You can call the shots as the head bartender in the comfort of your own home. The look of the Luxury Bar Martinez boasts pure elegance; simil ivory decorative edging contrasting with the beautiful grain of the walnut wood (either light or dark). This gorgeous free-standing unit of luxury European furniture design will prove to be the centerpiece of the party. The bar opens up expansively to reveal drawers perfectly designed to fit all the essentials such as cocktail shakers, plus a tip-up surface of stainless steel that folds out to reveal more surface area. The Luxury Martini Bar from Tressera Collection brings refined sophistication to home entertainment. See more luxury European furniture from Tresserra Collection on Trendir.



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