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Luxury Home Sauna by NeoQi – Cube sauna

A multi-functional luxury home sauna by NeoQi, the Cube sauna is an original sauna complex to enrich your experience of relaxation in your home environment. The Cube home sauna provides steam, soothing aromatherapy, invigorating chromotherapy, a Vichy shower and vibromassage, as well as much more. The power of a sauna’s health-enhancing properties has long been recognized. Whether alone or with a friend, you can enjoy the beneficial effects of the steam shower either sitting or lying down. The Cube sauna has a neat and compact appearance, fitting against the wall or into a corner, as well as in the middle of a room. NeoQi, a young Northern European company, decided in 2005 to develop and produce equipment for home use, not only for strictly professional use as before. With the Cube sauna installed snugly in your home, you’ll be so glad they did.


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