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Modern Beach House in Sydney, Australia

Designed by Jorge Hrdina Architects, the Terrigal Beach House was designed with two things in mind – the view, and a goal of being the only building in sight. Architect Jorge Hrdina succeeded in both goals with this ambitions house design that stretches along the north shore of Sydney, Australia. This modern house boasts a 180-degree view of the water outside – a breathtaking sight – and its main living level sits above the rooftops of neighboring homes, putting them quietly out of sight. Just outside the sliding floor-to-ceiling windows, a 19-meter lap pool seems to spill seamlessly into the ocean outside. On the other side of the glass, a clean and contemporary kitchen overlooks barbecue bench and deck. The main bedroom sits on the street-side of the house. At the opposite side, a sitting room is enclosed in glass walls, bringing the endless view right into the living room and rivaling the television any day of the week. A contemporary, modern polished staircase leads down to the lower level, which houses a shared bathroom and two bedrooms opening onto a courtyard – all this, tucked directly beneath the lap pool and the upper sitting room. Jorge Hrdina
via The Sydney Morning Herald



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