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Luminous Slabs from GranitiFiandre – the Geologica Slabs

These Geologica luminous slabs by GranitiFiandre are certainly designed to impress. These luminous slabs are extremely thin “tiles” that incorporate high intensity LED’s that generate light from the slab’s surface. They feature a sleek stainless steel frame in a satin finish that encases a piece of tempered glass that is durable enough to walk on. The light emitted from the translucent glass is available in white, amber, and blue, allowing you to customize the ambience created by these slabs. The tiles come in two sizes – 30X30cm and 40X40cm – so that they may be combined with a complementary floor tile. Installation is made easy with the use of a simple adhesive and standard grout. This product is perfect for flooring that needs to be noticed. GranitiFiandre



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