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Lighted Mirrors – customizable LED lighted mirror is new from Seura

The creative flair of a bathroom can be created with details… such as these fantastic lighted mirrors from Seura. New for 2009, these additions to the Lumination Collection are a focal point for your contemporary / ultra modern bathroom. Or, try the look elsewhere in the house for a surprisingly futuristic centrepiece. LED lighting means that these mirrors are customizable – you can choose from a rainbow palette of colors at any time, and also control the brightness. Turn up the intensity to make a bold statement, or turn it down for a comforting, soft nightlight effect. Likewise, you can choose from ingenious lighting effects such as the Jaxon (shown here), Tron and Aeon which all sport a pair of LED-lit stripes running up either side of the mirror. Halo, on the other hand, glows from behind the whole way round. The Big Talker mirrors deliver a cute message ‘Hello’ or ‘Wash Up’. Contact mirror specialists Seura to learn more about their lighted mirror collection.
Check out another multimedia mirror – the Hi_Mirror by Valli Arredobagno.



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