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Modern Contemporary Rugs by Ariana Rugs – the rug designs you’ve always wanted…

What’s not to love about the ‘Square’ and ‘Square Compressions’ modern contemporary rug designs from Ariana? These gorgeous rugs, with their colorful geometric pattern, will match any interior with their stunning range of confident color combinations. The modern rugs can fit anywhere in the home – you can choose from runners and a range of different sizes of rectangular/square rugs. Each is a work of art made in hand tufted wool or hand hooked cotton. A father and daughter team from Los Angeles, these award winning contemporary rugs will lead you into the future in true style. They’re inspired by the 1920’s Russian Suprematism movement, 1930’s German Bauhaus movement and 1960’s American Art! Get your signed and dated rug from Ariana rugs: modern art for your floor.
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