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LED Lit Radiator – Glow in the Dark radiator Shine by Caleido

Let boring go by the wayside! A decorative radiator can be the most “illuminating” design element in your home. Check out these snazzy wall radiators by Caleido. The Shine is a new innovative, LED-lit radiator that does as much for the look of your home as it does for the feel. Apart from heating the space, this modern glow-in-the-dark radiator will crank up the trend temperature, featuring a sleek look with a single steel plate adorned with waves of bright-white LED lights that give this contemporary fixture its cool design aesthetic. It’s as much an art piece as it is a functional fixture – this glow-in-the-dark radiator will complement even your most modern furnishings. Check out this cool home heating essential by Caleido.


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