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LED Lighted Whirltub ‘Darling New’ by Duravit – urban modern

Give your bathroom an “urban modern” aesthetic with this new contemporary LED-lighted whirltub by Duravit. The Darling New whirltub brings the big-city spa experience home with its sleek, smooth style that’s sure to relax you at a mere glance. The extra-wide, 115mm rim provides a nice surface to display your favorite candle collection, fresh flowers, or to be used as a seat while you shave or merely anticipate your spa-style soak. An optional headrest ensures added comfort. Available with wood and acrylic paneling, you choose the look that suits your style. And for Duravit’s signature twist, running just below the rim, optional LED lighting washes your bathroom in a soft-white glow. For more information on this urban-modern whirltub visit Duravit.



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