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Lavish Country Home with Unique Details and Indoor Pool

Designed by Russian architect Leonovich Arseny, this expansive country residence has large areas of glazings to connect the inner volumes with the outdoors while at the same time it also has vertical siding to create privacy for the interior zones. Although privacy is retained for the homeowners, the inclusion of a unique bright yellow “V” beam near the front entrance suggests to all that this home is much more then meets the eye.

lavish-country-home-unique-details-indoor-pool-2- entry.jpg
While the yellow “V” beam is a sculptural statement it is also functionally located to support the large roof overhang and while it is an imposing geometric statement, the bulky yet curvaceous hand rail to the glass rail system softens the overall visual of the entry landing.
The bulky handrail offers a comfortable place to lean against and enjoy the views of the surrounding countryside.
Just around the corner from the home’s entry is a semi-enclosed side yard that the home envelops on two sides. Here, a hardscaped garden features two large boulders as natural art forms.
On the opposite side of the home is a semi-enclosed deck that leads off of the social zone of the home. A purple wrapped porthole offers a view inside.
Porthole windows are also used in the poolroom and a ramp outside the poolroom leads to a deck above.
The architect designed this home with several outdoor decks to enjoy the views.
The poolroom is one of the few rooms that does not take advantage of the views. Here the outside wall is covered with slabs of marble and dotted with colourful window portholes.
The poolroom is just off of the main living area. Here the architect has created a zone with two distinct and unique features First there is the amazing staircase and then there is the fantastic lighting system on the ceiling. One is geometric and one is organic, and both are highly sculptural. Layered into this and continuing the visually interesting story of round and hard are the two clusters of coffee tables.
Adding more drama to the living room is the Carerra marble fireplace, The blue and black wall graphic, and of course the views through the windows on both sides of the room,.
The wall graphic defines the dining zone and while the lighting over the living room is sculptural, the pendant over the dining table keeps to a more traditional profile.
The staircase is anything but traditional. The unique balustrade combines a thick hand rail with thin horizontal safety rails made from yellow rope and somewhat thicker vertical rails resembling the silhouettes of corked bottles made from powder coated steel – really stunning.
The combination of the wood, rope and steel on the balustrade creates a powerfully exciting 3D artistic statement.
Upstairs the balustrade continues around the stairwell, creating a repeat pattern while behind it a grouping of modern pendants in strong and pale shades of tangerine hangs in various heights, sizes and shapes.
The stairwell is twice the width of the stairs themselves, creating a spacious void that is in keeping with the size of the home.
Next to the stairwell a family zone sits below the tangerine pendants that are suspended from a ceiling void wrapped in clerestory windows.
Behind the family zone is a library wall complete with a library ladder to access the books on the top shelves. Beside the library, a hallway leads down to the Master Bedroom.
The hallway is flanked on both sides with window, keeping the space light and bright.
A second staircase with a fun light bulb graphic leads back down to the main level. While the balustrade on this stairwell is not as intricate as the other, it too is wonderfully unique and awesomely sculptural.
Leonovich Arseny
Photography by Yuri Palmin


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