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Concrete Circular Stairwell Focus of Minimalist Residence

Looking at this stairwell it’s hard to believe that it is built from concrete, but it most definitely is. The concrete structure was then covered in wood with no visible joints and with the solid wood balustrade the final effect is one of modern art that just happens to be the way the owners get to their master suite. The staircase and other features within the Villa Gajdekova are design collaborations between Studio BF Archi & Design with architect Boris Fiolic leading the project and Croatia’s Internova Interior Design as the manufacturers of the bespoke designs used within the villa such as this staircase.

The exterior of the Villa Gajdekova, located in Croatia, hints at the statement designs withing by the interesting layout of the concrete pads that are lined with twinkling lings to guide the visitor to the front entrance. The façade of the building, with its large expanses of glass offer peaks into the aesthetic within, but it is not until you actually enter the building that the full impact of the clean lined design aesthetic envelopes the visitor like a warm and cozy blanket.
The American Walnut veneer clad foyer of the villa exemplifies the style that Studio BF is best known for and here, the walnut creates a luxurious backdrop that is kept light and bright via the use of well placed lighting, including the spotlights within the stairwell niche. Once in the foyer, the visitor can travel upstairs into the main living area or turn right, where the library and office space are located.
The bookshelves within the library continue the walnut theme used extensively on this floor, however, the office area is kept to a white palette with the walls and furnishings. There are two office areas, one that is a private work space just to the left of the library and a more social one further into the space.
The social station within the office boasts large expanses of glass that look out towards the garden and two white tables – of different sizes – surrounded by ghost chairs. The asymmetry of the two tables and the choice of Lucite chairs keeps this space both uncluttered for focus, and informal for creative inspiration.
The library also features clear glass via the entry from the foyer, but here, the glass is used to create a connection to the rest of the home rather then a social environment. Wrapping the room in wood tones and soft grey seating allows the user of the library to feel comfortable, cozy and reflective as they peruse the book of their choice.
When its time to leave work behind and enjoy the comforts of home life, the walnut stairwell leads the way from the foyer to the social volume. While walnut is a dark wood, it glows with a peaceful appeal from the carefully chosen locations of the accent lighting. The lighting not only offers moments of lightness against the dark wood, but also offers darker shades of shadow for a dynamic and geometric appeal.
The social level of the home is kept to an open floor plan with lighting used as the only zone definer. Wrapped in glass to make the best use of the views and kept to a neutral colour palette, the circular staircase creates a statement of elegant grace with its gentle swooping curves. As though to emphasize the artistic quality of the stairwell, an understated – but large – globular sculpture poses on a base between the windows and below the stairwell and all the lighting used within this level repeats the curvilinear design elements of both art forms.
While the stairwell is an organic formation created out of concrete and wood, the globular sculpture is a metallic piece based on geometry with its abstracted cubism influence.
The stairs incorporate a closed balustrade of vertical walnut graining while the underside features the walnut grain following the curves of the stairs. The combination of the two directions adds a layer of fluidity to the stairwell that is further enhanced by the ever changing shadows from the walls of glass that wrap it.
The true art of the stairwell is best appreciated from above looking down.
While the best view of the stairs might be from above, that view is reserved for the private zone as the stairs lead up to the Master Suite without any separation. This bedroom truly is a room with a view, both natural and man-made.
Manufacturing by Internova Interior Design


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