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Lasa carpet by JAB Anstoetz – the merino wool carpet

jab anstoetz lasa carpet Lasa carpet by JAB Anstoetz   the merino wool carpet
This fun and funky design carpet is a unique creation from Lasa by JAB Anstoetz. This merino wool carpet is a soft and luxurious product composed of merino yarn that has been felted to create a unique tubular configuration out of the pile. A two-toned effect is produced by using sophisticated techniques in which a very thick core yarn (from the finest merino wool from New Zealand) has a clear cut surface that closes off the darker shade of the core yarn from the brightly colored sheath around it. This innovative process gives this carpet even more depth and texture. The durable base is a dense pile composed of fine new wool, whose tones match the surface colors. This soft and cozy carpet is available in five brilliant colors. Lasa



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