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Large Low Coffee Table in Solid Wood by Fioroni

This table is so sleek, it’s almost a work of art. And solid wood – in either chestnut or walnut – adds to the richness and luxury. It’s low slung and perfectly balanced – the egg shape gives it a bit of a nod to mod. Called the Soglio, it’s made with precision and care in Italy, by the master craftspeople at Fiorini Degins. The gradation on the wood is simply magnificent. It has a lightness to it – helped in great part by the airspace underneath. The wafer of a table top seems balanced on air. The steel rod lacquered support is available in white, grey or light blue. It’s a fantastic size at 61″ long, 51″ at it’s widest and just under 8″ off the floor. This table would look great with a low leather sofa and cement floor, wouldn’t it?

More information: Fioroni Design


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