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KWC Ono Faucet Innovations – for a more intelligent bathroom

High-tech functions characterise the three new innovations for ONO bathroom faucet range from KWC. It’s the technology behind those little LED flashes that makes these taps so special. The ONO Lightpin basin faucet boasts a ‘colourflow’ LED located in its slim lever. The Lightpin indicates the water temperature. The ONO Touchlight is a touch-responsive LED light function! Talk about intelligent – this function sets the correct temperature for the flow of water. Last, but not least, is the ONO Touchless. This function is based on radiation free technology which turns on the water with a motion sensor. This not only saves water, but is also convenient, especially for families with messy-fingered children! KWC ONO Faucet Innovations: what will they think of next?


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