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HUF HAUS Modum – New Prefab House Concept for Intelligent Timber Modular System

Huf Haus modum is located in Germany and is a prefabricated timber house manufactured by Huf Haus to have an intelligent modular design system. A timber structure with a solid foundation, the home can be built over a very short period of time with an efficiency grade of “House 55″(KFW classification) – meaning Huf Haus modum is equipped with all the necessary energy efficiency features at no extra cost.

Aesthetically pleasing, affordable and energy efficient, Huf Haus is based on a square module of 1.2mx1.2m with no predetermined design or layout – the final configuration is based solely on the end customers needs and wants, however if the customer requires inspiration, there are several sample layouts available.
With the modular ability to adapt to any terrain, each home has a non specific footprint with a variety of options for the exterior shape and finish.
Whether you live in an urban, suburban or desolate location, the Huf Haus can adapt to the level of privacy needed by cladding the home in walls of glazing, or finishing the facade in a solid material that has smaller, more private windows. The choice can go from one extreme to the other – its all up to you.
Inside the prefabricated home the layout, material and color choices can be completely individualized.
Open floor plan or segregated rooms, the choice is yours.
Innovative and forward thinking, Huf Haus creates magic without sacrificing the quality of materials, technology or construction.
Huf Haus


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