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New KWC Ono kitchen faucet – minimalist expression

kwc ono kitchen faucet New KWC Ono kitchen faucet   minimalist expression
With smooth cylinders of shining steel, the KWC Ono kitchen faucet is an elegant faucet of striking detail. The slender control lever is made of hardened steel; the fine rod becomes minimalist filigree. The polished steel pummel adds a level of refinement and proves a dedication to detail in the KWC Ono design. The control lever rests in a small vertical slot, that defines the body and generates a curious interest. Beyond the minimalist elegance though is a faucet rooted in function. Available in three versions there is the ideal solution for anyone. There is the basic swivel faucet, with a simple form and broad reach; the spray head faucet which offers a cylindrical head and long handle for an easy to hold kitchen spray; and the high arching faucet with pull out spray ideal for large cooking pots and reaching every corner. Created by KWC, the Ono kitchen faucet is simply alluring.

kwc ono kitchen faucet lever New KWC Ono kitchen faucet   minimalist expression



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